Monday, June 2, 2008

Playful dolphins

OK guys. Let me know what you think. i'm not sure its finished.

She is taken to a beach across the hot dusty land
Away from her troubles and problems at hand

Under a tree she undresses to wade in the sea
Her slender body gently strides right past me

Unaware of my gaping and dazed gaze
She notices something off in the haze

Arcing up and down off in the distance
Something pointy pokes up at a glance

She smiles and remembers why she came
To get away from the painful mental game

It's the bobbing up of the dorsal fins
From the playful bounces of the dolphins

She wades waist deep in the warm and wet
wishing she could stay and until we met

she has watched him from afar
sipping umbrella drinks at the bar

wondering what he thought of her
and offering her great pleasure

wanting to runaway to stay
just to relax and to play

she twirls a cherry with her tongue
dreaming of songs to be sung

a strong wave rushes over her head
waking her from thoughts of her bed

startled she noticed what has come in
but the wake of a playful dolphin


peony said...

I already told you... it is so lovely.

herr_dr_nuss said...

for you then its done :-)