Friday, May 30, 2008

this is all my writings so far. i hope i haven't left any behind from the other 2 sites. i have one in the works written today. maybe monday i'll post it if i think its finished. :-)

For you on this Valentine’s Day,

For you on this Valentine’s Day,

strokes of blue, white and red beyond the trees
are followed by sparkles on a blank black canvas
tree shadows whisper from the passing breeze
images as comforting yet strong as you pass

the blur and clamor of smaller versions of our love
do tighten the knots of shared tension and fray
no comparison to why it is you i think the world of
and unconditionally give you my love on this day

two cherries on one stem

in the dimness of a candlelight
the restless spirits in the night
nothing beyond or between them
come together like two cherries on one stem

steam rises from the intensity
desire's uncontrolled propensity
of passion unleashed with abandon
they grope for anything to place a hand on

reaching feeling touching
breaching kneeling clutching

their sweat laced bodies glisten in the dim light
as they work to fulfill their delight
over and over they as they try to get it right
as their bodies lift spin toss into flight

feeling the sweet rush of flow from their bodies
and the climatic saturation of which it embodies
they slide back and forth recoiling to reach deeper
hot wet kisses shared tongue twisting to reap her

sliding quivering arching
gliding delivering searching

striving for perfect rapture
desparately they try to recapture
searching in the other to complete
that unshaking feeling only to repeat

they lay collapsed next to each other
soon thinking if there will be another
session of intimacy removed from solitary
of the juicy nourishing bite of the cherry

toes in the sand

barely are there waves lapping on the beach
her toes slightly dug into the sand
the waves up to her ankles reach
she turns the page with her hand

her long legs stretch out from the mat
her book makes her drift away
while on her back she lays flat
made easy by the drinks on the tray

she daydreams of a the image of a man
slowly walking up the beach towards her
to distract her from the issues of her grand plan
her lips glistens from the dribbling liqour

the book drops quietly to the burning ground
as he kneels down beside her touching her thigh
he bends to kiss her but startles and looks around
the cabana boy serving drinks to satisfy

a quick look in his eyes as she fends off her hunger
nodding si for more libations to melt her frozen heart
she knows that she can run but is not getting younger
in this master plan of God's longing to relinquish the part

crying, sighing
moaning, groaning
growling, howling
alone atoning

she doesn't know what to do or where to go
so she lays back down with another drink
stretching her long legs digging shells with a toe
no problems for the moment so why bother think

she drifts back to her safe place
as he tosses back his long black hair
she stiffens a little as he looks into her face
and he slides his hand up her skin so fair

he places a hand behind her and lifts
she curls her toes in the sand
they intensify their long hot kiss
if only this were her original plan

she gives into to her long lonely desires
he slips off her coverup and swimsuit
her body glistens as she perspires
not noticing as her clothes permute

the bodies bake in the summer sun
as their tongues intertwine
her hat falls to the ground
as the chills run down her spine

she undresses her mystery soulmate
when he stands up straddling her form
inside the cabana, then he closes the shade
she heart pounds faster feeling rather warm

laying down beside his sweet pleasure
kissing her on her ear lobes and neck
running a finger along the sacred treasure
enticing the swelling button with soft flecks

she squirms as he slides down her wet shape
and spreads her wings at his hungry look
he tastes the sweetness as it runs down her scape
she moans and twitches and knocks over her book

upon getting his fill he pulls himself up
his fingers massage the swollen flesh
she flows like an overfilled cup
inserting a thick rough finger into a thresh

she screams with delight and joy
as he slides in his soldier at attention
arching her back as he begins to employ
they move together in absolute perfection

heat from their bodies could turn sand to glass
as they peak in the actions at the same time
they collapse together as time slow passes
smiling at each other as he starts to climb

the crash of a wave on her waist then
washes away the puddle she had made
as she wakes to find the tide had come in
while dreaming on her body that she played

forgotten are her troubles from afar
with a new one created in this distant land
wondering who saw her hand in the cookie jar
her toes curled up in the sand

times of the distant past

the snow begins to fall
through the open cavity
in the bavarian bunny
over the hills and far away
echoes in the whirling wind
of the near topless car

excitement of the opening call
of the new season to ski
on a cold day so sunny
we drive fast on our way
to collect another friend
who lives not too far

back to the dark garage
to load the old blue truck
a mighty dose of vitamin I
alas the journey begins
beyond the great rivers and
through endless bare woods

snow like an artillery barrage
on the window like muck
close to freezing not dry
tunnel vision clearly wins
squinting at a winter wasteland
covering in back the goods

hours later our destination
we arrive early to our pleasure
and dig into liquid energy
listening to the last of the tunes
that went through us before reaching you
Who could have known its release

lifts start moving inclination
we offer a bit of our treasure
to catch a ride up a bit early
quickly reaching upto the snow dunes
to ourselves noone but the view
playful intensities roughly increase

the path unscathed pristine
inviting smashing little crystals obliviously
we burn youthful energy with joy
as the steam rises from open coats
from vigorous attacks on the slopes
until the energy is spent

in need of rest at the end of a tiring day of skiing
we pack up to return rather quickly
a party is whats needed for this boy
the return home down lonely dark roads
the lanes wind long like twisted ropes
rushing back before the onslaught of guests

we can't believe what we're seeing
out of 2 feet of snow looking prickly
a tap from a barrel will be used as a toy
after unloading we bolt for the keg
with mugs in hand and smiles on faces
and a thanks to the master of domain

he joins us for the opening ceremony
as the guests start to arrive with a thirst
the music is blarring as the masters depart
a scream is heard as a dart hits a leg
entwined bodies fill dark empty spaces
desperate to drown out emotional pain

the feeling i get being left out is agony
to join in this part of the nite would be a first
never a sole to share this lonely strong heart

the night almost over as kisses are shared
one lonely soul empties the snow covered soldier
falling in a white pile of the soft dusty stuff
my buddies pull me back inside to wake up
as we talk into the night of our thoughts
its the same ole song but on a different night

those two compare notes to see how they fared
i wish i could join them before i get much older
as i tire of falling down in the cold white fluff
i drink whats left in my large pewter cup
and each the last piece of pizza before it rots
as i close my eyes after turning off the light

swelting season starts

wonderfully watching wind wispfully wash waving willows
summer sun sears sweaty sunburned silouttes soaking seashore serenity
children carelessly carryon cacking cajoling cohorts
dry desert drives desparately delving district depots
happy-go-lucky he hears hospitable hymns healing hearts
she seeks simple satisfaction seemingly secluded safety
parks piled people participating picnic pandemonium perfectly
fall feels futuristically far far forthwith


Although we were surprised by the darkness, the ebony celestial skies were an astonishing sight to behold. It was a spectacular vision of fireworks and meteor displays that was beyond the realm of description. An array of bright glowing colors dashed across the sky as we stood memorized of its heavenly glory.

beautiful...spectacular....sights never before seen to man
she says:
a collosal... display of lights action movement all through skies of the night

the skies were bursting with exciting hues of colors like the work of an artist

if i were to ignite something in that negative atmosphere there would have been an electrifying impolusion

surprised by the darkness
astonishing ebony celestial skies
a sight to behold
the night held a crispness
with magic to the eyes
a story begins to unfold

spectular visions of fireworks
meteor showers beyond imagination
an array of bright glowing colors
my curiosity immediately perks
at the wonderful sensation
the rare cloud causing a squalor

beautiful...spectacular....sights never before seen to man
virgin eyes set upon the mysteries of the glorious Hand

they dash across the sky
in all its heavenly glory
a collosal display of lights
as i stand mesmorized
action, movement so spry
energy erupting, amazing fury
all through skies of the night

as if something ignites
in an atmosphere
of electrifying implosion
in a fantasy of delight
with the night sky so clear
nothing in exclusion

beautiful...spectacular....sights never before seen to man
virgin eyes set upon the mysteries of the glorious Hand

some frozen day

desolate winter
indian summer comes late again
warm breeze blows thru empty branches
we'll pay for it some frozen day

my mind drifts
it changes like the weather of late
of people, places and things i'd like to see
i'll see some frozen day

as i wait
hollow sounds like a woodpecker on a dead oak
echoing off the lifeless yet warm hills
some frozen days

in my mind soak early sunset yet later each day
once again in the darkness, memory serves
we'll pay for it some frozen day

shades of middle ages

the sun eclipses the hilltop
as i peer up at the castle
worried about the gossip
will the french come wrestle

i walk along the cobblestone
as winter settles in the valley
to work and glass to be blown
and turn down the dark alley

a pinch of bread and coffee
thats starts my busy day
the princess wants me to hurry
with a gift to be sent today

the boat loads its burden
like ants busy on the mound
eyes peer from the curtain
mysterious like a land unfound

looking out my small window
barrels roll down to the dock
to the pride of the castle below
filling the vast holder of stock

it is the pride of the palatine prince
to own the largest wine barrel
no larger has been made since
across europe its size is herald

back to my craft and my bench
to make dozens of toasting vessels
as the king passes off his wench
with a mane of long auburn tressels

task done and locked for the nite
off for a pint of pilsner 1603
the lights of the castle quite a site
on the neckar flowing by so free

Thursday, May 29, 2008

riding the crest of time

back in a more simpler time
she looked out over the harbor
relaxing as she dreams of
dolphins joining her
as they cruise
the cylindrical wave
of friends and family
of her can they save

she toils now
behind hell's gate
alone in fear
awaiting her fate
she longs to live
as she used to
with a lovely smile
and love for you

remembering what is really about

the crisp air is quite still
mindless flakes slowly flutter
filling in their hurried footsteps
falling though empty trees

little birds peck though a rill
off in the distance dogs mutter
walking down the front steps
enjoying the winter freeze

my thoughts are wandering
as they seemingly always do
but are cleared by the thought
of this wonderful special day

what ended shallow pondering
a simple event of so long ago
for what our Lord to us brought
because it is Christmas today!!!

Reborn in the eye of the storm

she stands alone in the dark room
the storm raves the land of sunshine
peering out the window excited by lightning
yet lonely, isolated, reserved and scared
the uncertainty of the storm parallels her doom
the wind whips around frantically as it whines
a sole police car and debris fill her sighting
her home already needs repaired

all over the city the power is out as lines go down
except for the brilliant flashes of the storms light
distant oscillating beams from emergency vehicles
darkness in all vectors is all that can be found
nothing but the sounds of a thrashing cyclone
she realizes what she feels is not fear or fright
but her life as it slowly away drifted and trickles
like a lost soul on a boat in this storm drowned

patiently awaiting the storm's ferocities to end
she dreams of a what seems a distant past
across a mighty sea to a different place and time
laughing, smiling, playing, working, feeling
enjoying a rich full life with family and friends
driving the open desert freeway careless and fast
the mountains in distant lands she would climb
she drifts back to the storm, her senses reeling

the end of the storm drifts off like a local transient
she reaches for a drink in hopes of relaxing
bracing herself to survey the hurricane's damage
seeing the great irony of the storm and her spirit
as she steps outside with the winds now silent
the motions of the recent past she was just acting
it mirrors the results of the tempest's rage
is it a coincidence or a message she has to admit

her resolve to clean up from the termendous disaster
is bolster by the images of the past she longs for
to live as she once has in this seemingly cruel place
which once was filled with adventure and excitement
of happiness and joy and friendship and laughter
to rebuild her tattered life to its former stature
starting anew refreshed with great courage and grace
she steps forward not looking back with contentment

paint thru the trees

strokes of blue, white and red beyond the trees
are followed by sparkles on a blank black canvas
trees shadows whisper from the passing breeze
images as comforting yet strong as you pass

the blur and clamor of smaller versions of our love
do tighten the knots of shared tension and fray
doesn't compare to why it is you i think the world of
and unconditionally give you my love on this day


this is for my brother's funeral service:

standing on a mountain top
sunshine reflecting off his face
alone on the world's rooftop
has to be his favorite place

he struggled through his life
moving from here to there
not bound to the system strife
enjoying life without a care

he wakes from the tent
kept in his bedroom
the car he bought most recent
around the track goes zoom

when he tires of his toys
he gathers his fishing gear
for what he really enjoys
fishing with corn off mom's pier

he struggled with his brother
though confides to him his secret
an estranged bond like no other
as he lights another cigarette

as the sun cracks the peaks
loading what little he has in pain
a distant ski resort to him speaks
getting that bus or train or plane

a different voice speaks to him now
he is called home time forever cascades
its his turn now to show us how
as a far off star flickers and fades

little bean

little bean
heart just a pumping
i'll be there for you
and love you
and protect you
the best that i can

today you were seen
no more assuming
i'll be there for you
and love you
and protect you
i can't wait to hold you in my hands

another daddy's little angel
pretty and smart like your sisters
i'll be there for you
and love you
and protect you
teach all i know

in my heart you will dwell
as we're surrounded by twisters
i'll be there for you
and love you
and protect you
and watch you grow

like leaves on a tree

missing teeth in a smiling face
holes in a beautiful smile
her face to me always gives me a lift
i'm too far gone from that place
but its only for a little while
until I return to God's great gift

she runs around with bouncing curls
like a broken record she asks please
with her arms pumping as fast as they can
faster and faster she twirls
giggling in until she buckles her knees
falling down under the ceiling fan

it saddened me as i would drive away
i had to leave them far behind
i feel like a worthless daddy
knowing that at home i can not stay
but to be a provided He has assigned
to this sad and lonely paddy

but the day is coming very soon
when i'll walk out this door
hop in my truck as happy as can be
i will really crank up the tunes
taking my last intense drive north
not looking back at the huge oak trees

walking in the door i hear their voices
they bicker and rumble like all siblings
a sonic boom comes from across the house
running around the corner my oldest rejoices
wanting to know what her daddy brings
and the youngest one begins to rouse

she runs in and joins her sister in a hug
their daddy's is now finally home
he's there to care and nuture them
i wrap them up in me snug as a bug
its good to be here no longer alone
like a stout tree attached to my stem

laying in waiting

laying in waiting
visions of past skating
she longs to return home
she feels no longer alone

her children tire from care
given with love unconditionally
visible is the wear and tear
but its done traditionally

she wishes not to be a bother
her offspring quietly protest
she prays to our Holy Father
to take her so they may rest

she's lived a good full life
proud of her kin
always tried to be the obedient wife
though not perfect nor free of sin

knowing her time has come
she prepares her soul
her eyes speak volumes
asking for forgiveness to be whole

she sees a bright light
from her loving past
a hand reaches down
brings her home at last

she walks among friends
free of the gravity left behind
returned to the home with no end
a world beyond mankind

grief strikes her children
saddened in a darkened existence
seeming lost and alone but then
remembering the happiness in the distance

key to my heart

she lifts me up
with the touch of a hand
just a thought within my mind
i cant not withstand

nothing pleases me more
than to watch her walk by
lost in her own world
and her head held high

a simple smile or
the wind through her hair
or her calling out my name
or choosing what to wear

a walk along a beach
daytripping to town
sitting under the stars
my heart i think she found

he makes me smile
with words that ooze peace
for the longest while
I am lost in joyful bliss

ellie had added this as a reply to the original post at franks

everything he is
fills me to the brim
I feel like I am his
he is mine, we are ours

a gentle touch to my back
warm smile in his eyes
even the playful smack
of his lips upon mine

a goodbye embrace
as he runs to catch the train
I admire his speed and grace
for he has touched my heart

fall fully felt

gray skies clear
crumpled leaves swirl
flutter like birds

playing in the wind
rustling leaves roar
like the Gulf tide

brisk fall breeze
clouds passing by
the sun shines

summer barely clings
it should be gone

fall is welcomed
with wide smiles
tingly refreshed skin

wind in face
winter yet threatens
days get shorter

slowly get cooler
trees change color
leaves change color

orange red gold
crunch under feet
whisper soft sounds

noses get red
noses get stuffy
noses get runny

throats get scratchy
eletricity abounds us
homecoming is here

hockey hoops start
the series begins
shopping starts early

yet its felt
the season begins
his brithday nears

everyday i see this face

everyday i see this face
i can't believe how much i need it
everyday i see this face
i can't believe how much the pieces fit

like puzzle pieces put into the right places
she's filled in all the empty spaces
just to see her there brightens my day
especially from the intensity when we play everyday

i see this face i can't believe how much i need it everyday
i see this face i can't believe how much the pieces fit

to feel her skin would seem to be too much
never had such a longing for her touch

but the strain of her there makes me worry i fear
rash moves to be with her if again i hurry everyday

i see this face i can't believe how much i need it everyday
i see this face i can't believe how much the pieces fit

only time will test us as we wait our sentence stumbling
over our fears and asking for repentance
beyond the hills and fields and rivers and sky she remains waiting for me though

i wonder why everyday
i see this face i can't believe how much i need it everyday
i see this face i can't believe how much the pieces fit

i look up at the stars
time stands still
it will take much patience
and strong will

to endure the games played
to attain the freedom and happiness
we reach in vain

epitaph for the lonely

with a look our thoughts cross
she knows where to go
i follow


she moves me where she wills
i'm bound at the touch
like a newspaper
discards when done
or left for others to use

i'll sleep well tonite

driving home on valentine's

driving on empty streets
with the sun is long gone
light the moon excretes
thru wispy clouds like dawn
forever the journey takes
though the distance is short
every evening it remakes
travel to the home court
behind is left busy days
and little is spoken of
arriving to the place
where is the one i love

drawn to a star

in tending to my sheep
i'm drawn to look above
the sky is black and deep
with mysteries to think of

a star so big and bright
burns like a tent on fire
calls me to follow its light
its incredible awe to inspire

serenity overcomes me
knowing everything is alright
i leave my sheep to be free
and start following this sight

it is a cold and crisp night
not a breeze in the air
snow blankets the desert blight
looking up without a care

over dunes across dry beds
the pull is grows stronger still
this massive desert spreads
i don't even feel winter's chill

though walking for countless days
i feel no hunger or crave thirst
distant mountains do raise
as plant life gets dispersed

amazingly i bump into another
but it shouldn't be a surprise
a girl like me who works for her brother
making mince and mutton stew pies

her face i have yet to see
as we both look up at the sky
stopping only to kneel to pray to Thee
never letting it get away from the eye

well past the steep mountains
we grow to a small team
join a caravan of three wisemen
on the same journey it would seem

warm company our souls keep
our journey nears an end
never once stopping to sleep
the star nearly vertically ascend

we enter a quiet little town
and come to a little manger
the star looking straight down
upon this now peaceful ranger

this humble structure glows
like the star ten times its size
out through the timbers it flows
but yet it doesn't harm my eyes

upon entering the building
i feel a great weight lifted from me
it is then that i see him
reveal what will set our souls to be free

i realize that he is our saviour
humbled like us to start life
as told by the scripts of yore
he'll endure the same strife

there is a promise i see in his face
and a trust and of love and grace
that will lead us to a better place
hate and rage gone without a trace

he smiles at me with the grace of God
my soul floats free as its wiped clean
as his grace passing through me like rod
with the energy of heaven, earth and all between

tears come to my eyes full of joy
a serenity passes over like never before
from the gift given to me by this boy
an unexplanable thing you can't ignore

now saddened that i can't return
with a gift of my own to pay homage
a touch from his mother allays my concern
that believing what i see is his wage

bidding farewell i sing the news that our Lord has come to say
eternal happiness is ours if we choose to love God and all others today

without skipping a step
i go back to the place
where i left my sheep
the same steps in the snow did i track
to find them in the same spot still asleep
there i lay me down to rest and dream
of the place i had seen of the future of all men
is blessed where our souls will forever be serene

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

dancing in the dark

siloutte of a tiny dancer
spinning in the dim light
from across the dark room
she is a distant sight

spinning, twirling
grinning, whirling

she leaps to the heavens
and glides in and out
to the music in her mind
thats a quiet shout

spinning, twirling
grinning, whirling

with each perfect move
she turns and spins on toes
in graceful perpetual motion
her fluid artwork flows

spinning, twirling
grinning, whirling

the song never seems to end
she must continue to dance
always looking for happiness
and searching for romance


(written for my oldest when she asked if you could eat clouds, then if there were worms in the clouds that eat them when they go away...)

the skies are rainy today
i wish it would stop
i can not go out to play
with raindrops going plop

what can make these clouds go away
and make the sun come out
if i look real hard inside my brain
i can do it with my thought

an animal up in the sky
could make it all stop
a cloudworm could be come a butterfly
if it ate all the clouds up top

if it eats the dark clouds
and the long clouds
and the white clouds
and the puffy clouds
we can all go out and play
and then it could spread its wings
and take the rainy day away

chocolate sensations

she stands alone in a babbling brook of chocolate
grinning from ear to ear and looking so delicious
tempted by her enticing look i decide to commit
i jump in to join her in this wonderous place
running a finger across her lips covered and senuous
i like the sweetness of the digit i used to trace

i run dripping fingers through her coated hair
wanting to lick the chocolate of the tip of her nose
anxious with the fear and excitement of an affair
her now glistening lips as her tongue licks of the rest
makes my heart race as cocoa nectar down her body flows
she teases, she flirts, she puts me to the test

pulling her close, chocolate from our bodies touch
the warm soft texture as the sweet fluid mixes
as we position to kiss our bodies slide in the clutch
as she puts her arms around me drawing me close
she swoons in rapture from the kiss he affixes
she closes her eyes as she stands up on her toes

in the endless moment of what seemed to her a dream
the rock upon which her toes had balanced shifts
they crumple into the flowing river of raging desires
they roll as they fall and she collapses on top of him
the timelessness though brief as time's fabric rifts
the passion burns bright as a cup filled to the rim

they laugh as this stream of passion flows over them
rolling and splashing in the swiftly flowing current
they grasp each other like two cherries on one stem
them make love as they tumble across a fragrant land
the long journey as they intensely intertwine recurrent
exhausted from unimpeded joy resting hand in hand

quietly they dip run their fingers along each other
tasting the chocolate from their glistening bodies
sucking on the slender fingers of their lover
the stars begin to appear above the open prarie
they wonder at the world in which the night sky embodies
only to be returned to their homes by a tiny fairy

blue moon

as time goes by
and distance further
i still need to cry
as i long for her

the night sky is clear
incredibly bright
the pain is so near
of when she took flight

this month i always feel blue
like the scent of wild thyme
she left on a full moon
when it comes a second time

beyond gray skies

looking outside my window i see
the drabby gray skies the follow me
a cool damp breeze passes thru
the open window that bees fly into
i gaze off into the bland distance
whats going on at this instance

off towards the sea and northwest
where there is a woman overstressed
toiling though bored to make ends meet
for lil miss each morning she greets
manages the affairs of her castle
enduring the torments of his hassle

admiring her strength and quick wit
humane views of the rock she sits
the shared vision of the near future
for our children which seems so unsure
i long to share in the prep of a meal
a walk as the sunset last light steal

another day from a far left behind
of the parallel hell that treated unkind
or to gaze in the brown eyes smile
listen to tired voice beyond the miles
looking out a window what does she see
the drabby gray skies that lead to me

an old pirate home

she sails across shoreline
the wind blows thru her hair
as she looks out at the desolate beach
that no one knows is there

the fishing village is quiet
at this time of year
her favorite time and place
when no one else is near

she glimpses her home in the distance
and in her mind a thought
of wonderful garden she tenders
the scent she loves a lot

there's no place she'd rather be
up on that rock by the sea
so far away from the ones she loves
i hope she remembers me...

a rose on my desktop

a rose sits on my desk
all alone
it basks in the light
for no one

its radiance reaches out
in an empty room
its petals will fall
from a beautiful bloom

its scent is heavenly
though no one knows
the pleasantness
spreads and grows

it wishes to find
unique beauty
a soulmate
to share its duty

a bowl of cherries

they site there before me already to eat
from a long tired day of travel
in front of a bowl of cherries i take my seat
i think of distant memories as they begin to unravel

a child in a tree picking cherries
its a warm sunny summer day
my grandfather watches with the basket he carries
as the trees grow tall in the humus and clay

i eat my fill and fill my bucket
when its full i climb down
give them to him as he fills his basket
when his basket is full we head back to town

i sleep across the backseat of his car
he drives patiently back home
it wont belong til i see the moon and a star
looking up in a daze while we roam

i miss those days with him
getting fruit and vegetables
those memories will never dim
as long as i am able

Friday, May 23, 2008

sandy boots - killing time

it was a long day seventy-four hours to be exact
he wakes from a long deserved rest from patrol
the firefight took its toll as the team is not intact
with thoughts of home meandering to gain its control
rarely having time to reach out and make contact
to hear the words of his daughter's everyday extoll

reading a book donated from a place so sublime
his mind gratefully relaxes as does he tired body
for hours with nothing to do known as the killing time
forgetting for the moment the fallen disembody
the poetry he reads may only provide rhyme
it encompasses in order in a region so shoddy

he puts down the book to draw out paper and pen
writing to his precious little girl whom he cant live without
did she tend to flowers she planted in the garden
desperately hope to calm her nerves of endless doubt
daddy will come home there is no doubt beyond reason
that when his tour is over he'll pack up and be out

thinking about dinner and c-rations or a surprise from home
he hears his name from a distance and he turns to see
the junior comm officer running who need in his hair a comb
a call awaits him but he knows not from whom it could be
suddenly thoughts of boiled seafood, rocky shore and seafoam
he runs to the comm center like a wild child on a crime spree

yes its his dear baby who's grandmother placed the call
they share heartfelt greetings as he breaks down and cries
she sounds so big being so happy he stands proud and tall
she tells him how much she loves saying he has a surprise
if she tries hard she won't have to wait very long at all
he tells her he'll be home in 100 days just watch as time flies

when his fleeting time is up another stands anxiously waiting
walking back to his bunker he bumps into a buddy in a daze
his friend came back from patrol covered with shell plating
the horrified look was clear the pain in his eyes covered glaze
the sadness and despair this arid place is always creating
blood-stained foundation for an empty shell-shocked haze

shaking his head at the news the comrades walk to get a beer
his buddy sits down, orders a round and starts to shake
the end of the tour of his friend was so very near
raises his fist in the air and yells "someone give me a break"
into his glass the bartender pours a drink that is clear
into the night telling stories of him with the cheer they partake

he is dropped in his bed from a night of much excess
share by the teams brokenhearted the day's sad loss
the air settles down as the desert quiets down in digress
the enemy underground by fires eating bread with brown sauce
sleeping off another days boredom in the wasteland recess
he dreams of his little girl at church and praying under a cross

he wakes not so well rested and body full of pain
there's news of trouble along the mountainous borders
distant smoke from shelling mars the skyline like a stain
he gathers with the others while they are waiting for orders
he puts on sandy boots and readies to go on patrol again
in a fractured country of political and religious disorders

sandy boots - on patrol

the sun hasnt come up yet on a dry chilly night
he puts on his fatigues and boots after a shower
thru out the base on is not a solitary light
he can hear the roar of a choppers power
they all run to the pad prepared to get it right
before the sun beams on rock and sand and tower

he loads and takes his seat with the rest of the team
as there is a quiet enveloped by the whipping sound
the silhouttes of a distant jagged skyline it would seem
distant sounds of rumbling as rockets slam the ground
their fear of the faceless throwing many a light beam
as the choppers reach their target behind a large mound

one by one they jump out and go to where the point leads
he hits the ground again nervous as boots meet the sand
just as planned they take their positions before time exceeds
one by one they search the premises scouring the land
the sun cracks long trodden ancient roads as the team proceeds
the backdrop of a landscape without the days light is quite bland

nothing stirs in this desolate village but for the scurrying at their feet
no one thinks about what runs in the night in this place far from home
as it gets brighter a shadow appears around a corner of the street
theres a tingle in the air as the bullets fill the air like a metal foam
a few comrades hit the sand falling back when flak jacket and lead
meet the blood soaks into the land to turn this dusty unholy dirt into loam

as he goes door to door only to find one empty house after another
the information he received was obviously false and fabricated
but then so much from this part of the planet weighs as much as a feather
he changes objectives, to a suspicious building, that his lieutenant delegated
frantically hurrying he must as his notices the ever changing weather
with small windows and ever so slight movement to be investigated

shots pass perilously close as he turns a corner adjacent to his target
the team communicates their observations to the platoon leader at base
hearing a heated conversation in arabic of words he could not forget
the order to gaslight a firefight comes down to leave the place
to waste he sees the vehicle spoken of by a faceless enemy they want to get
on their way to the care is laced with an array of exploding devices they race

the insurgent is dropped with a hot flying piece of angry american metal
his sole shot turns the tide of a bloody rampage between hated enemies
evacuation to save the lives of the innocent as the dust begins to settle
before the air strike to remove the weapons from the fanatical crazies
the chopper pilot leaves the base in a flash putting metal to the peddle
the team falls back to the LZ site as the invisible strike force succeeds

they climb in shaking and tired yet pleased at the small victory they attain
upon return to what they now call home a distant smoke does rises
the commander upon debreifing lays an angry call to which will complain
of faulty information of what was a quiet peaceful in all its evil disguises
they have eaten and fallen asleep to the sound of the peaceful desert rain
removing his bloodstained uniform and dusting off sandy boots are his prizes

Muddy Boots - Return to a Waste Land

into the rising sun nearing final descent into keesler
depressing views of the homeland devistation is awed
its impact is like that of a drunk speaking with a slur
as the landscape looks as if satan himself had clawed
their stares of dispair change their vision to blurred
from its immensity over the acadian lands so broad

in his tired mind is pictured the last view of his estate
as the wheels touch down on a darkened beaten runway
he joins the file ushered out to the tarmac in ruined state
his orders are given to expediate help without delay
the score is kept as he read of the loss in paper slate
as he rushes in vehicles to the chaos and broken foray

the roads cluttered with impossible piles of twisted debris
slowly he makes his way to the place of his sister's abode
entire neighborhoods surgically removed as katrina flees
up to the heartland it cries in remnant rage its wet load
leaving a wasteland in need of repair with stauch degrees
he exits his humvee to the smell of life in state of corrode

his goes door to door looking for remains and a survivor
in pales disbelief of the contortion of places he has been
in fear of finding friends and family lost in the squallor
he wonders how his brethens can renew and begin
in the state of absolute destruction no one could ignore
noticing that he is of the only ones searching this trash bin

word of the lack of action of those giving his ultimate orders
enrage him as he stresses from the lifelessness and loss found
a company cameracrew follow him in dismay with recorders
finding full sized pickers on telephone poles wrapped tightly wound
no telling where neighborhoods begin or end lacking typical borders
his hair raises from what is a most eerie, faint and far off sound

he carefully treads closes to the source of the dismal soft pallor
and what would be entering the former abode of an elderly couple
he wades through the sqaundering of katrina's massive holler
finds what appears to a lifeless torn body as if trampled by a bull
the man he once knew identified only by dog tag around his collar
stops in shock, sobs uncontrollably his composure kept unsuccessful

the soft moans from the distance to his sad ears they return
his search begins again in solitary panic and woeful disarray
finding an elderly woman as frail as a southern beech fern
medics and a medivac hurry to the scene slowly in pale dismay
as her tragic condition for the worse takes a terrible turn
from the souls of the team of rescuers dispair ebbs away

a dog is carried from a roof and a cat is pulled from a tree
a child found beneath rubble or just stuck in the sandy flood
rescuers are injuried from nature's booby traps set free
scenes he plays over and over slowly walking through the crud
after a long days end he returns to the checkpoint ready to flee
as his now distant past of dusty boots now covered in mud

Friday, May 16, 2008

muddy boots - a family found

dead to the world he drags himself from sleep
his mind decompresses with hot cup of joe
the sun is not up and no bird makes a peep
with the dew on the ground and the sun low
daily frustrations return of a promise he can't keep
to his family of returning home he can not go

muddy boots cleaned last nite fall back into line
another swelty day with a good chance of rain
missing his family explodes his heart like a landmine
as the stress of this dispair cause a migraine
thoughts of his children running in the sunshine
wife's silhoutte in the moonlight drive him insane

they load up the humvee and leave their post
like a 180 degree turn from heaven to hell
the drive seems like hours along the battered coast
where they are going hits him like a bombshell
they turn into his neighborhood which got it the most
he can't see his house which was crushed by the swell

when they stop a crowd rushes in seeking refuge
there is his wife looking beautiful yet broken and frail
she is crushed by the desperate crowd growing huge
apparently not eating she's as thin as a steel rail
his commander tells him to get her to baton rouge
he looks from her to him with a face that is pale

they leave to see what remains of his demolished abode
holding her tight he picks her up at a trot
down the debris strown path that was once his road
and sees the smile of his sick looking young tot
then the rest creep out like a little scared toad
he lays her down in the yard that has not yet rot

he hugs his children in what seems to be forever
he cries at the fact that his precious ones survived
he calls his comrades to collect them as they quiver
his heart had all but stopped is now painfully revived
watching his steps as he carries wife in the trash river
he is exhausted with joy at his humvee he arrived

with his family and remains from his lost home
back at the post to catch a ride up I12 northwest
driving quickly past what had once been the superdome
he is awed at the power that little lady on her quest
from the atlantic and the gulf did she distructively roam
he travels west then north to find a place they can rest

upon finding a cousin of a friend of a buddy from iraq
out north of town west of the river past the refineries
his family has found refuge at an ostrich and rice ranch
to a place that has a small business of a microbrewery
where a guy that will help a G.I. stuck out on a branch
with a wife who's a doctor sees them and starts to cry

after spending time caring for and holding his long lost family
he returns to his duty and travels back to the new badlands
he moves faster and feels stronger with the joy he could see
for weeks he toiled saving lives and taking in their demands
gets his orders to go back to the fighting for those to be free
wiping off the muddy boots from what once distant sands

hidden boots

I wanted this one to be first. its my favorite. i'm missing all the other boots. :-( i hope i can find them.

hidden boots

he walks down the stone pathway
admiring the beautiful flowers
to himself he says what a wonderful day
not a cloud in the sky nor hint of showers
he's happy, in a mood to play
to the sky his soul towers

he knocks on the door of the little white house
as he wipes the sand off his feet
down the road the from the lighthouse
a pleasant voice says come in and take a seat
so he does as nothing his joy can douse
he wonders whom does he compete

she tells him to take off his boots
thinking not to stain the floor
on the floor is a hump from a tree root
again a voice comes from behind the door
he wonders if he should have worn a suit
she came out casually dress to walk by the shore

she said lets walk after a hug
there are some places i've wanted you to see
he took off his socks and left them on the rug
she was going to take him to her favorite beach
she said he'll meet you outside as she gave a little tug
so that she could hide my boots away from me

we walked along the shoreline
seagulls and pelicans pass over head
the clams dig into cold damp sand so fine
its so peaceful and joyful, not a word is said
with her head on my shoulder and arm in mine
a stop at the local seafood eatery to get fed

the gaze in her eyes is quite so comforting
as we share a bowl of chowder
the boiling lobsters can be heard screaming
the place fills up and gets rather louder
she plays with the gift on her finger, a simple ring
he didnt think something so small would wow her

she tells me the history of cozy cove
of pirates and indians and fisherman still
sun goes down soon and return to a warm stove
the winds die down as we walk off our fill
as night falls its apparent we are falling in love
as we walk up that last little sloping hill

after breakfast he tell her that he must go
she smiles and says that he can stay here
there are still more places she'd like to show
and the water is calm and the skies are all clear
as he walks around the house with his bag in tow
those boots are still not seen and not near

he cancels his flight back home to stay
and smile as he sits by the fire
my boots appear by the couch near where he lay
he begins to feel share her desire
she tells me of a sight we may see today
of whales near the shore we can admire

he sees her siloutte as she dresses
and wonder why someone would let her go
but who is he to say from what she confesses
of the lonely life she must forego
unsure of what to wear she makes messes
to me it doesn't matter as long as he's in tow

they head out the door and down the street
to a friends home she has known a long time
along the cobblestones stumbling with his feet
she giggles as she holds his arm as they start to climb
through winding streets and up stairs to his suite
in the distance the scent of apple pies and key lime

he prepares us for the boat ride of the coast
his laugh is contagious of the stories he tells
as he finishes his coffee and burnt toast
of his boat on glassy seas and nor'easter swells
his dinner slow cooks as his chicken roasts
and the breakfast jams oh such pleasant smells

though a stranger am comfortable in her cozy town
with her friends and the climate and atmosphere
with the seagulls squaking and diving at the clown
that is feeding them on a day so bright and clear
that staggers on the vessel all white, green and brown
he likes it there as there board from the old fishing pier

it was not long before my eyes could not believe
with the boat rolling over the five foot waves
of the site of a pair of whales doing a dance in the sea
along the side as he holds her tightly by her waist
the look of joy in her eyes it is plain to see
of her love of life from a sad past is what she craves

the day ends as we walk up the stone walk to her home
he starts a fire as she lays way to her plans for us to dine
he steps out the back door for more wood and pick up a pine cone
to my surprise my boots again he could not find
he is moved by this women who lives all alone
how could he not be attracted to one so alive and kind

he wakes from a peaceful sleep
and rolls over on the soft pillow
gets out from under her sheet
outside he peaks a distant willow
cloudy skies and a scent so sweet
he didnt want to let go

tee shirt and boxers stepping of the stair
he finds writing at her desk painted teal
she goes about her business without a care
the creak in the stair made her let out a squeal
as he reached out to touch her lovely hair
she tells him that she cares for him a great deal

they prepare for the day to go to the store
she had her eye on a cute little pink grill
and of a pair of pearl earrings that she did adore
again this morning the boots reappear still
in front of the couch whose left corner is tore
he puts them on and they go down the hill

he mentions to her he has revelled in his stay
but he must return to his distant home
with a sad look she knows it will be today
she thinks he most likely needs to roam
but then he held and kissed her troubles away
through her hair his fingers ran like a comb

upon returning with the day's treasures
they settled for dinner and talk of pursuits
it is in her that he has found his pleasures
to return to the loving gaze she shoots
he reassures her as he leaves of his measures
as they are not hidden he walks out with his boots

the crystal clear skies above the skies
thoughts of several wonderful days wonder
as he heads home to where the rockets fly
already missing her as the weather goes asunder
he thought he saw a tear but why would she cry
he shivers with the flash of light and the crackle of thunder

he arrives home to his dark empty abode
wondering if he left things poorly
did he say the right things as he heads down the road
or let slip a comments taken out of context horridly
were that the case then sadness upon her bestowed
would have stung her as it now does him sorely

their parting was quiet and felt quite distant
he feels badly because he thought things went rather well
unpacking his things seemed so unnatural he felt nonexistent
his thoughts are only of her happiness but who could he tell
a driving force to return was intensely persistent
the feeling of his lonely heart began to swell

he reaches for the phone to make a reservation
its ring in the emptiness has him startled
she's missed him since leaving the air station
she too was startled that his phone rang hardly
as he quickly picked his raised in elevation
she too felt that things weren't right upon parting

they speak of planting flowers and whales and beaches
he finds comfort from the the picture she has painted
her longing to share such wonders far outreaches
she enjoyed his warm touch and soft words untainted
they shed their walls of loneliness from their breaches
his plans already made to go back to her unrestrained

upon arrival up the stone pathway to the white house
he can feel her already close to him anticipation
the door opens before he is even close
the sight of her standing there brings such jubilation
as their embrace passionately comes to blows
beaming he crosses the threshhold of her open invitation

he sets down his luggage in a familiar place
savoring each moment not wanting it to end
she cuddles with him as he sits in the same space
against the assault of loneliness together they defend
uncovering the latch next to the stairs at its base
placed in the secret little cubby his boots are hidden

My Writings

I've been wanting to do this a long time. I love to write prose. I love to share it. I just need an image or vision to place on a mental canvas. My friends have been a tremendous inspiration. So here, I'll place my inventory to have a permenant storage place for them. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them. Maybe this will motivate me to get back into writing.