Monday, November 17, 2008

my thoughts begin to falter

driving over the water
the sun reflecting
like a bright orange ball
my thoughts begin to falter
thoughts of being rejected
by a woman behind a shawl

dolphins skip across the river
ripples in the flaming image
a happy family bobbing home
my skin starts to quiver
with the need to engage
my heart's need to roam

there is no one calling
across the azure sky
with similar desparation
of a soul that is crawling
with the same need as i
to crave that twisted elation

cross back the border expanse
the flame quenched in the sea
darkness in all dimensions
longing for intense romance
but never to returns me
an open heartfelt invitation


Isis said...

Too romantic, LOL. It's good to know someone still has these thoughts at our age though, hehe. Big hug !

herr_dr_nuss said...

it didn't start out that way actually. i was trying to write about the reflection on the river/inlet in the town i live in. it just led to that.

oh i'm constantly reminded taht i don't have those thoughts by HL. she just doesn't realize that i do have those thoughts, just not for her. ;-)

but your right. i have been thinking i need to take it in a different direction, but dont have a vision of what that is yet. i did about a month or so ago and it vanished into thin air minutes later at home...