Friday, May 29, 2009

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?

This is the one that started it all so many years ago between 2002 and 2004. I came up with this one while tying L's shoes on our way somewhere LOL Someone didn't have time for it. Unfortunately, it isn't finished yet due to conflict from someone wanting to edit it and claim it as their own. Just remember that its butterfly. :-)

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Over the hills to a place that I know!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Over the mountains to play in the snow!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Down to the ocean, it's where the rivers flow!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Down to the valley, its where the flowers grow!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Through the dark forest, to rest on the mistletoe!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Through the deep jungle, where the big snakes move slow!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Along the busy harbor, where the boats are in tow!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Along the empty beach, where the pelicans fly low!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Across the open field, to watch a lonely old crow!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Across a slimy pond, to which the frogs jump like so!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Up a tree, ... (unfinished)

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
Along the waterline, where the mice and rabbits burrow!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
In the schoolyard, while the children catch and throw!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
In the garden, while dr...

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
To go past the cornfields and sad little scarecrow!

Butter_, Butter_, Where Did You Go?
To go see my Mother, I'll see you tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, My Little Girl

I hope your day was fun!

Did you get out in the sun?

Did you learn about the world?

My little birthday girl!

So how does it feel today?

Now you're eleven, so convey!

Do you feel any bigger?

Do you feel any wiser?

I am proud of my oldest

And want you to be your best.

Only you can hold you back!

So get on the fast track!

Now go have fun and play.

For it's a bright sunny day!

Jump and hout and spin and twirl.

So Happy Birthday, My Little Girl!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

another day, another breakfast

The skies are sunny
But clouds roll in
thinking of something funny
before morning's chaos begin

the children groggy and cranky
as they wake one by one
yelling like a banshee
the oldest's day has begun

the youngest awoken by noise
it happens everyday
he drags and throws his toys
in each and every way

the middle one awakes with a bump
as her brother jumps on her head
arriving in such a frump
complaining she wants to be fed

she rolls her eyes at the clatter
wishing mornings could be quiet
amongst her babies chatter
the stovetop temperature set

another day, another breakfast
a mother's job is never done
the kids finish at long last
just once not having to run

to not having to do tedious tasks
a little credit is clearly overdue
a little compassion is she all asks
to receive a simple little thank you

but this is a day like no other
to remember what she does everyday
celebrating my childrens mother
Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Mother is a rose

A Mother is a rose
as sweet as she can be
and your smile always grows
its you she wants to see

A Mother is a life-line
always there when you fall
a beacon she will shine
listening for your call

A Mother knows the way
while you search for your dream
encourages everyday
with success her eyes gleam

A Mother in fast prayer
for blessings from Our Lord
that her children can share
His Eternal Reward

A Mother wakes in fear
of any possible harm
upon babies come near
raising a great alarm

A Mother is very proud
of success we bring home
but she cries not aloud
watching us leave to roam

A Mother is so strong
to weather our storm
her home we will belong
always open and warm

A Mother gives us Love
sent to us from above
we love her gratefully

Monday, November 24, 2008

a visit from the past along the quay

waking in a pleasant mood

she prepares her day with a smile

happy memories from days gone by

pass before yet to waken mind

looking forward to tuscan food

with questions and stories wild

oh how the time does fly

of things to which we're blind

passing down the motorway

sunlit for only several hours

as time passes into the grey

trees given up their foliage

arriving at the ancient busy quay

in light but blustery showers

bustling shops along the waterway

entering under the covered bridge

she sees a bright and happy face

from her distant carefree past

looking back is the reason why

their happiness is very pleasing

memories plenty of time and place

dart back and forth clear and fast

laughing drinking smiling and a sigh

an old comfort zone of good feelings

but now they part to different dates

down the motorway to the routine

good times will stay in the soul

for another time to be recalled

the sun goes down as it gets late

back to the tasks done in between

and the cottage does she stroll

to the life and home she installed

Monday, November 17, 2008

my thoughts begin to falter

driving over the water
the sun reflecting
like a bright orange ball
my thoughts begin to falter
thoughts of being rejected
by a woman behind a shawl

dolphins skip across the river
ripples in the flaming image
a happy family bobbing home
my skin starts to quiver
with the need to engage
my heart's need to roam

there is no one calling
across the azure sky
with similar desparation
of a soul that is crawling
with the same need as i
to crave that twisted elation

cross back the border expanse
the flame quenched in the sea
darkness in all dimensions
longing for intense romance
but never to returns me
an open heartfelt invitation

Monday, June 2, 2008

Playful dolphins

OK guys. Let me know what you think. i'm not sure its finished.

She is taken to a beach across the hot dusty land
Away from her troubles and problems at hand

Under a tree she undresses to wade in the sea
Her slender body gently strides right past me

Unaware of my gaping and dazed gaze
She notices something off in the haze

Arcing up and down off in the distance
Something pointy pokes up at a glance

She smiles and remembers why she came
To get away from the painful mental game

It's the bobbing up of the dorsal fins
From the playful bounces of the dolphins

She wades waist deep in the warm and wet
wishing she could stay and until we met

she has watched him from afar
sipping umbrella drinks at the bar

wondering what he thought of her
and offering her great pleasure

wanting to runaway to stay
just to relax and to play

she twirls a cherry with her tongue
dreaming of songs to be sung

a strong wave rushes over her head
waking her from thoughts of her bed

startled she noticed what has come in
but the wake of a playful dolphin