Thursday, May 14, 2009

another day, another breakfast

The skies are sunny
But clouds roll in
thinking of something funny
before morning's chaos begin

the children groggy and cranky
as they wake one by one
yelling like a banshee
the oldest's day has begun

the youngest awoken by noise
it happens everyday
he drags and throws his toys
in each and every way

the middle one awakes with a bump
as her brother jumps on her head
arriving in such a frump
complaining she wants to be fed

she rolls her eyes at the clatter
wishing mornings could be quiet
amongst her babies chatter
the stovetop temperature set

another day, another breakfast
a mother's job is never done
the kids finish at long last
just once not having to run

to not having to do tedious tasks
a little credit is clearly overdue
a little compassion is she all asks
to receive a simple little thank you

but this is a day like no other
to remember what she does everyday
celebrating my childrens mother
Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day

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