Friday, May 8, 2009

A Mother is a rose

A Mother is a rose
as sweet as she can be
and your smile always grows
its you she wants to see

A Mother is a life-line
always there when you fall
a beacon she will shine
listening for your call

A Mother knows the way
while you search for your dream
encourages everyday
with success her eyes gleam

A Mother in fast prayer
for blessings from Our Lord
that her children can share
His Eternal Reward

A Mother wakes in fear
of any possible harm
upon babies come near
raising a great alarm

A Mother is very proud
of success we bring home
but she cries not aloud
watching us leave to roam

A Mother is so strong
to weather our storm
her home we will belong
always open and warm

A Mother gives us Love
sent to us from above
we love her gratefully

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