Monday, November 24, 2008

a visit from the past along the quay

waking in a pleasant mood

she prepares her day with a smile

happy memories from days gone by

pass before yet to waken mind

looking forward to tuscan food

with questions and stories wild

oh how the time does fly

of things to which we're blind

passing down the motorway

sunlit for only several hours

as time passes into the grey

trees given up their foliage

arriving at the ancient busy quay

in light but blustery showers

bustling shops along the waterway

entering under the covered bridge

she sees a bright and happy face

from her distant carefree past

looking back is the reason why

their happiness is very pleasing

memories plenty of time and place

dart back and forth clear and fast

laughing drinking smiling and a sigh

an old comfort zone of good feelings

but now they part to different dates

down the motorway to the routine

good times will stay in the soul

for another time to be recalled

the sun goes down as it gets late

back to the tasks done in between

and the cottage does she stroll

to the life and home she installed

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